Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Stargate Universe is WAY too dark

To the writers and producers of Stargate Universe: LIGHTEN UP, GUYS!

I just finished watching the first two episodes and so far I'm not too thrilled. Ignoring the fact that IS just like Lost In Space (they even have their own Dr. Smith with Rush), the biggest problem is it's WAY too dark.

I enjoyed SG-1 and Atlantis because they were both filled with great adventure and lots of light-hearted humor, even in the tensest moments. So far SGU has had little adventure and absolutely no humor. I understand right now they're all focused on surviving and getting home, but so were the SGA crew in their first few episodes. Yet they had some hilarious interactions between Sheppard and McKay.

Another problem is I don't see any characters who have the potential to supply humor the way O'Neill (in SG-1) and Sheppard did. The scientist kid Eli Wallace (or is it Wesley Crusher?) is throwing out some lines but the guy is just irritating, not funny.

I'll keep watching, but if the show doesn't pick up or add some much-needed humor, then I'll drop it and move on.

But to what? I stopped watching the mediocre Sanctuary last year, and so far promos for the upcoming Galactica spin-off Caprica makes me yawn. So until Eureka returns or SyFy comes up with better ideas than they have now, I'll keep getting my sci-fi and horror fixes from other networks.


  1. They seem to regurgitate stories and characters.

    It's been pointed out the Angry Black Man and the Asian Lesbian.
    Now they have the women as the sexual release for the men.

  2. True, but you rather have the men as the sexual release for the women? LOL. The other Asian scientist character seems to be using the guys that way.

    Also, you state that the Asian lesbian is a common character? In what other shows?