Saturday, October 24, 2009

A new Doc Savage movie is on the way -- FINALLY!

Ain't It Cool News just posted updated news on a new Doc Savage movie that's in the works (see link below).

This is GREAT news for me. I've been a huge Doc fan since I was a kid. The fact that a new film might actually be produced has me as giddy as a school girl. But, obviously, that's only if it it's done well.

I'm also relieved to hear that writer Shane Black will keep it set in the thirties and not try some bone-head attempt to update it to modern times. When I heard that producer Michael Ulsan -- who hired Chris Nolan to make the boring as hell reality shows Batman Begins and Dark Knight (the parts without Joker) -- bought the rights, I was concerned. Looks like I had nothing to worry far. That could change once we hear who will direct and star in the vehicle.

And PLEASE, I beg you NOT to hire some emotionless, muscle-bound former athlete like The Rock as Doc. Hire an actor -- and THEN work on his physique. After all, Doc Savage is a brilliant scientist who is also in great shape. Keep it that way.

My personal choice for Doc? Josh Holloway who plays Sawyer on Lost. He looks the part and he's a damn fine actor.

I'll keep up updated.

See article here:

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