Saturday, August 1, 2009

Could Pirates 4 be the disaster the Mayans warned us about?

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 may finally have a director - and it is NOT good news. Now that director Gore Verbinski is out to direct the highly-anticipated "Bioshock" film, Variety reports that Rob Marshall(!!) may sign to direct. WHY? Marshall's previous ("Chicago") and current ("Nine") works include film versions of successful broadway musicals(!!).

Is the world ready for "Pirates 4 -- The Musical"?

Reports say Disney rushed the selection of Marshall because they need to get the film into production quickly before Johnny Depp begins filming "The Long Ranger" (seriously?). And without Depp, another film would be a waste of time and a soul-sucking bomb.

Rumor has it none of the other stars or major characters will appear in the new film. So now we're looking at a new quickly produced movie made by a director with no action film experience and only starring one actor from the first three.

Looks like the film may end up being a soul-sucking bomb even WITH Depp. Hell, it's being released in 2012 which might mean THIS could be the world-ending disaster the Mayans warned us about.

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