Monday, July 27, 2009

Latest Harry Potter film weakest of all

I'll keep this short and sweet: The latest addition to the Harry Potter franchise is by far the weakest of them all. In fact, would someone please tell me why it even exists? Almost three hours and nothing to show for it. Except for a few tidbits on the Norman Bates childhood of Tom Riddle, not a single development was worth sitting through this muddled mess.

And does ANYONE actually believe Dumbledore is really dead (and no spoilers, please, if you've read the books)?

In my opinion, this entire series peaked in creativity and quality with "Prisoner of Azkaban", then started going downhill. Even the actors look tired of it -- both on screen and off. Now, with this weak effort, I dread seeing what we'll be given with the final chapter, especially since they're going to chop it into two segments. After all, they could have easily sliced off thirty or forty minutes on Half-Blood.

If you haven't seen Half-Blood Prince yet, wait for the DVD. Neither the story nor the visuals make it worth the time or price to see it in theaters.

Better yet, just read the book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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